"Technology Company of the Year" - MEED 2019

A global perspective on Innovation is that it is driven by a few developed economies. The Arab World is keen on being part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) but remains to date a large consumer society. The spending is less than 1% in the region on true R&D initiatives. EDX Labs, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain focuses on thriving on R&D and building innovative platforms.

EDX Labs is considered as a movement towards innovation through world-class technology from the Arab region; our mission is to convert visionary ideas into fully functional platforms. EDX is an innovation hub bridging the best capabilities typically offered by software houses, VCs and incubators. We build, sustain and manage platforms.

EDX has a successful track record of building leading technologies. Our first 4 SaaS ventures (including CTM360, DMARC360, PENTEST360, and MG360) have successfully scaled into stand-alone entities.

Platforms Successfully

Executed and Managed

Ideas successfully

Realized and Monetized

Unique Big Data Records

Seamlessly Managed

Countries Serviced

Across the World

EDX labs 5 years on build locally scale globally

An exclusive interview with Mirza Asrar Baig, Co-Founder, and CEO of Bahrain-based R&D company, EDX Lab


We build, scale and manage world-class technologies

Delivered through the cloud, our platforms are globally-accessible

Driving growth and success of tomorrow's innovation

EDX Labs holds extensive execution, scaling and management expertise

Fully Cloud-based

Innovative & Original

In-house R&D

Built for Agility

Globally Accessible

Machine Learning Ready

Full Stack Dev

Automated Platforms

Lifecycle Management

Quick to Iterate

Shared Services

Platform Builders